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Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

Bethesda Softworks has announced the first DLC (downloadable content) for their hit RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's called Dawnguard, it will presumably be demoed at E3 on June 5-7, 2012, and it will be available this summer. Xbox gamers will be able to download the DLC later this summer, while PS3 and PC games will likely have to wait 30+ additional days.

There's been talk about the glowing eyes on the Nord-hero of Dawnguard, possibly indicating new powers or a link to vampires. There have also been some supposed clues about the content, vis-รก-vis the latest patch files. Seems that someone looked around and encountered references to snow elves and/or crossbows.

Bethesda Softworks says that Dawnguard will debut on the xBox 360 this summer (2012). Seems like PC and PS3 owners will have to wait 30 days for the new content. Good thing I own an xBox!

Poster for Skyrim Dawnguard