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Lights Out SP - Problems

Update, July 10, 2012: Because of a difference in the versions of software (and my own carelessness), I submitted a version of Lights Out SP to the App Store that is unplayable due to a bug. Apple published the non-working version LIVE to the App Store. Moments later, I fixed the bug and submitted a new version, but it could take a week or more for Apple to "review" the new version.

If you have downloaded or updated Lights Out SP and it does not work, then just bear with us for a little while until Apple releases the new version. Sorry about this, folks!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm aware of the problem with Lights Out SP on the iPad 3 (a.k.a. The New iPad).

A fixed version of Lights Out SP was uploaded to the App Store a few weeks ago, but Apple still hasn't reviewed it yet. As soon as they do, the problem will be fixed. Until then, we're all just waiting for Apple to review and publish the game.