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Pokemon Battler, Down for the Count

The Pokemon Company International has finally emerged victorious, as I'd hoped it would.

Apple removed the app from the store, and I resubmitted it. After about 3 weeks, I received a message from Apple... They basically told me that they need to hear from the Pokemon Company that the issues have been resolved between myself and them. And since the Pokemon Company refuses to reply to any of my emails... Haha.

Now, this begs the question: If Apple cannot serve as an arbiter, as they've claimed, then how on earth did this happen? My guess is that some manager at Apple decided that they were qualified enough to make a legal decision on this like a judge would. Big pants, big pants...

Anyway, I'm glad I proved that people can't get away with this type of thing (for too long). And that, in the end, some sort of justice was done. Yet, I will continue push my luck. Cross your fingers that I fail.